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GovTech World facilitates the digital transformation of the public sector by connecting it with private business. We bring together governments, innovators, investors, citizens, and businesses to help solve societal problems using GovTech. We do this from our base in Wellington – New Zealand’s capital city and tech hub.

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What can GovTech do for me or my organisation?

We’re a little country with a big reputation for innovation. The go-to locale for companies to market test their products and services. Our small size, lack of hierarchy and openness means you can connect with the right people, fast. Currently, New Zealand’s ranked in the top three digitally capable economies in the world.


  • Tap into a wider customer, investor and government buyer base.
  • Scale faster and further.
  • Increase your reach and impact.


  • Leverage New Zealand’s world-leading culture of innovation.
  • Connect with the right people quickly.
  • Invest in companies focussed on improving society.


  • Participate in designing interactions that serve your needs.
  • Experience faster and better services.
  • Receive better value for your taxpayer dollars.

Governments & policy makers

  • Access innovations to accelerate productivity and create jobs.
  • Improve the lives of your citizens.
  • Create a more participatory and responsive public.

If you’re an innovator, investor, government, or citizen come join us. Let’s improve society and build a better world, together, with GovTech.

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Join us

Make a difference to how the world interacts with government and join our global GovTech community.

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